So a while back, I followed a guest post on Lifehacker from Ramit Sethi about personal finance, and specifically how to automate your finances and identify what you actually want to spend on.

I’ve started to think about ways recently to try and automate my task management in a similar way. For some reason I feel like a lack of organization is keeping me from actually getting things done.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if what’s actually going on is I’m claiming I need to get more organized as avoidance behavior, and what I actually need to do is just sit down and knock things out. I do think some of the decision paralysis is warrented though, because recently I’ve felt so unorganized that I’m nowhere near confident that I’ve covered everything I need to be paying attention to.

I’m considering trying to read up on GTD or the four-hour work-week, although I’m not sure either contain things that I would actually be interested in or capable of maintaining. I’m also finding that remember the milk might actually be not well suited to my purposes… Maybe there’s a better solution for me. The problem is that I probably can’t afford to spend the time searching for a solution while I need to get work done.

Maybe after Dollie Day.