So a while back, I followed a guest post on Lifehacker from Ramit Sethi about personal finance, and specifically how to automate your finances and identify what you actually want to spend on.

I’ve started to think about ways recently to try and automate my task management in a similar way. For some reason I feel like a lack of organization is keeping me from actually getting things done.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if what’s actually going on is I’m claiming I need to get more organized as avoidance behavior, and what I actually need to do is just sit down and knock things out. I do think some of the decision paralysis is warrented though, because recently I’ve felt so unorganized that I’m nowhere near confident that I’ve covered everything I need to be paying attention to.

I’m considering trying to read up on GTD or the four-hour work-week, although I’m not sure either contain things that I would actually be interested in or capable of maintaining. I’m also finding that remember the milk might actually be not well suited to my purposes… Maybe there’s a better solution for me. The problem is that I probably can’t afford to spend the time searching for a solution while I need to get work done.

Maybe after Dollie Day.


A place to jot notes…

So, I should probably start using this blog again.

Doing some philosophy reading on free will (specifically, hard incompatibilism) and realized what one of my knee-jerk problems is with many of these discussions – there is an assumption that everyone knows what we are talking about when we refer to selves.

Something I’ll explore further, hopefully soonish.

Beyond that, I’ll hopefully also start updating with things that Yanessa is up to.

A Map

This is from my dad: a potential trip map. I’ll add a few more destinations I’m pretty sure we’re going to hit. (Note: This map starts in Pennsylvania because that’s where he lives; I’ll be starting from Boston)

View Larger Map

He warns that the Grand Canyon/Mojave Desert/Death Valley in July might not be smart; He’s probably right. I’ve done stupid things before though. Worth considering.

The weather outside…

is delightful.  The prospect of fire, more frightful?  Anyways.

The Volvo Ocean Race is in Boston now, and I’ve got to say, even though I haven’t had much time to spend down there, it seems pretty frickin’ amazing.  I snapped a few shots today of some of the vessels while grabbing some others for work, so I hope to add them to the photostream soon.  90+ degrees today doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure.

The other nice thing about the weather is that we’ve finally been able to open up our porch for regular use again.  Yanessa and a project partner sat out there coding (outside! lolwut) for almost 8 hours straight.  I even played some WoW out there.  Very strange to me to be absorbed into your computer screen while at the same time enjoying fresh air and indirect raw sunlight.

Pretty soon I’ve got to start mapping out our cross-country trip.  Does anyone have any suggestions? We’re probably going to end up camping for some of it, assuming I can bum a tent and some sleeping bags off my parents or someone else.  Montreal is on the list at one end, and the Grand Canyon at the other.  Beyond that, as long as we end up in Palo Alto after a few weeks, anything is game.  I’m really looking forward to it, especially with my new camera – might have to invest in mobile broadband to post photos with some regularity.

Alright, that was a good 10 minute break.  Back to work!

struggle not against the coming of the dawn

redesign at 75%

Since the last post, I’ve added my flickr photostream on the right (with snazzy lightbox2 popup, or click the header to find me on flickr), re-added the ability to post comments, and neatened up a few other sections.

What still needs work:

  • Something is broken in IE.  Also old versions of opera, and some obscure *nix browsers.  I’ll focus on IE.
  • Content!  enough form, more function
  • Better navigation? Categories or tags navigation on a sidebar?
  • What else?

I’ll add more as I think of it.  Maybe some screencaps soon too.

seventy-five days of the year already gone…

And no blog post until today!  I apologize, fictional(notional?) reader.

Updates from the last 75 days…

Got Married. (Password is the date of the wedding, the 3rd day of the year, in mmddyy format and then reversed.)

Got a camera.  Canon Rebel XSi.  Learning to use it, tweaking settings.  Still in search of the best photostream utility.  Someday I’ll even post a photostream link here…

Began to formalize the website project process, using Redmine.  I’ve recently begun to research the right way to use as a clearinghouse for projects for people to cut their teeth in a friendly, welcome to collaborative programming websites and other tools.  So far it’s home to a few web projects, mostly private for now.

I’ve also begun the stressful process of preparing my job for life without me.  My last day is May 29th, and there’s a lot of knowledge to get out of my brain between now and then.  A few projects to finish, too.

I’m going back to school in the fall, and trying to figure out how to get there from here.  I expect it to be an interesting journey, regardless of the roads taken.

In a related note, both Yanessa and myself have suggested to each other that we try to write in our respective spaces more often.  Although I won’t declare it a nanowrimo-level challenge just yet, let’s just say it’s a deal.

Time rushes by, and never moves.

Would you believe I’m actually getting married in less than two weeks?  Also, the amount of stress and drama associated is ridiculous.  There’s no need for that.  Calm, control, and confidence will overcome any hurdle.

In other news, what is completely necessary is a moment of respectful contemplation about a friend’s father, who has passed.  Although I did not know him well, he had my respect.  And if his son is any indication, he was a damn good father and a damn good man.  Here’s to that.