I really don’t understand the way my alertness cycles work.  I also can’t decide if it is a question of interest…

I try to get up every weekday morning at 6am to shower and have breakfast before leaving a little past 7:30.  This rarely happens anymore.

Work lasts from 9a to a little after 5:30p, most days.  commuting by subway generally takes a little over an hour each way. 

Recently, I’ve also tried to make it to the gym for at least 30mins every weekday evening, and I try to get some WoW on, as well as wedding details, and some website projects.  very busy.

Recently, I’m awake and aware as soon as I get home, and can be up and doing things until 2 in the morning with little difficulty.  Then I get to work the next day, and I’m tired, sluggish, and can’t focus all day, but as soon as I get home again I’m alert and ready to go.

What is going on?  Maybe I’ll try to bring some work home and see how that goes.  Would probably provide an answer to the alert-cycle vs. interest-cycle question…

Economic Stimulus

I’m going to foreword this post with a note that I understand there’s a decent chance that I have no idea what I’m talking about.  But, I need to express the ideas anyway, and here’s the right place!

A few thoughts on a potential economic stimulus package, inspired by a few articles like this from the New York Times, talking about potential problems with an infrastructure-based stimulus package.

According to the article,

Some have suggested that Mr. Obama should push for infrastructure spending, to repair roads and bridges and sewer systems, as a way to stimulate the economy and provide jobs while attacking long-term problems. …But an infrastructure bill could easily degenerate into a pork-laden measure that benefits regions with powerful lawmakers, rather than serious needs.

This is a major potential problem.  However, it’s also one that Obama has specifically said he’s against.  Recently there have been national surveys of infrastructure (especially roads and bridges in light of the recent Minnesota(?) collapse) needs.  I think they were even ranked.

A stimulus program needs to be need-based.  The data is already there, conducted by engineers during a process which, if there was any “powerful lawmaker”-based bias, would likely have trended towards making a need look not as severe.  (Maybe.  I’m actually not convinced of this.)  With the announcement of a stimulus package, there would be no opportunity for the existing data to be modified by political influence, because the study (and ranking, hopefully) is done.

So, you announce $100 billion of infrastructure projects and associated jobs, and say that the projects will be determined by the existing infrastructure surveys, projects in worse condition first.

The stimulus will likely be weighted towards population centers, but could provide jobs for anyone willing to temporarily relocate to work, just as artisans from all over the place descended on Connecticut to build bridges for the Merritt Parkway during the New Deal.

As the NYTimes article says, investing in infrastructure is the perfect way to create jobs now while achieving significant, essential projects for the future.


This weekend, I finally hit level 70 in World of Warcraft.  Mind you, I’ve been playing since launch of WoW classic, in November (?) 2004.  Craziness.

You can check out my character: Zephys, Level 70 Draenei Paladin, Knight-Commander of the Knights of the Vale.

In other news, I managed to get a Mediatomb server up and running on my recently converted Xubuntu box.  I even got it streaming media to my PS3, while using samba to share with all the other computers on the network.  The hottest part: it live-transcodes media the PS3 couldn’t read, so I can now watch all my anime.  Kickass!